Series 67

The model 67 is a visual flag indicator with manual reset and comes standard with an isolation ball valve.


Product Description

The Model 67 adds safety and servicing options to our existing line of intrusive pig passage indicators. Like other available models in the patented pigPRO series, it reliably detects the precise location of a cleaning pig as it travels within the pipeline network. When a pig passes the pigPRO’s intruding plunger, it activates the plunger and triggers a visual flag indicator, signaling the pig’s location.

Incorporating a customized BV with an extended lower housing into the design of our model 67 pigPRO allows for a safe and simple isolation of the pig passage indicator from pipeline pressure for inspection, maintenance or repair. Complete removal and re-installation on any pressurized line is easy using the Extraction Kit and does not require specialized hot tap professionals or equipment.

*Extraction Kit sold separately

Features & Benefits

  • The integral isolation feature of the Model 67 means the cost, time and safety concerns of de-pressurizing and draining a line are eliminated. Now the pig passage indicator can be isolated, removed, repaired and reinstalled while the pipeline is flowing and pressurized. Preventative maintenance, inspection or repair are easily accomplished without specialized equipment or crews.
  • Includes a thread mounting nipple, isolation extended lower housing with fluorocarbon O-Rings, and hemispherical plunger with a flag assembly.

Options Available

  • Aluminum extensions can be attached to enable detection of the pig’s passage on buried pipelines. All pressure sealing components, including the isolation ball valve, remain below the extension module. Available in lengths of 2’ to 8’.


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